Advertising Strategy

The Science of Effective Advertising.

Going Local
No two markets are exactly alike; each has its own unique DNA of media consumption and buying habits. Take Berkeley, California and Peoria, Illinois—roughly the same population, but day and night when it comes to media usage.

That’s exactly why Marquette Group studies markets at a granular level using urbanicity concentration, demographics, lifestyle behaviors, media consumption, service industry data, competitive presence and specific, client-provided data. By combining this intelligence with your budget and ROI requirements, we’ll develop evidence-based local media plans that get you the most out of every advertising dollar you spend.

We act as an extension of our clients’ marketing teams by stretching their marketing budgets and leveraging their brands’ owned and earned media. We integrate those efforts with our portfolio of local, social, mobile and search advertising. Not with one brush stroke, but market by market.

Measuring Success
The bottom line is that advertisers, like you, look to Marquette Group to make money for them by increasing leads while controlling media cost. We have precise measures in place for monitoring and testing the strategies and advertising we develop. Performance trends are constantly scrutinized and reported to our account management teams and to our advertisers, so any necessary strategic or tactical changes can be made quickly.