Local is the critical piece in a successful Internet advertising strategy.

First Impressions Count
When consumers search for products and services online, they’re looking locally—just a few miles from where they live and work. That’s why your locations need to be listed accurately across the search engines and directories they’re using. Accurate listings build exposure, add credibility, help rankings and can turn searchers into customers.

We make sure every one of your locations is:

  • LISTED – We scrub your database file and optimize it before distributing to thousands of local search engines.
  • FOUND – It’s our job to make sure that the local customers that are looking for your products and services know you are in their area for as many searches as possible.
  • CONTACTED – We load pictures, videos, coupons and a compelling description to entice potential customers to connect by picking up the phone and calling your locations – or even better, hopping in the car and driving to the nearest location.

Our Commitment to Your Online Presence
Marquette Group is here to help you generate leads and grow your business store by store. We will work with you to discover the ins and outs of your local markets and develop an effective online listings strategy based on your ROI goals. Through years of experience and a dedicated team of employees and partners, we will set up, maintain and optimize your listings to better perform, while you see your leads grow.