Be Where They Are.

Connect Anytime, Anywhere.
Consumers are using mobile devices to access the Internet, email, text and check out businesses near them. Mobile marketing connects national brands and local merchants with target markets using personalized messages based on the user’s actual location. Most times, mobile use occurs on-the-go when consumers are often closer to making a purchase. Mobile marketing drives engagement, enables personalization and ensures you’re promoted at the right time.

Marquette Group’s Approach to Mobile

  • LOCATE – We place your businesses on local directories, search sites, maps and navigation apps, so you can be easily found by ready-to-buy consumers.
  • INTERACT – We analyze your consumer retention goals and build mobile campaigns to drive loyalty and repeat purchases.
  • ARRIVE – We connect you with consumers at the perfect time, so they can instantly get to your business to check-in and purchase your products and services.

Our Commitment to Your Mobile Strategy.
Marquette Group can develop both standalone mobile campaigns or even more effective, integrated mobile strategies that play off of other powerful interactive efforts like paid search, social, premium local directories and special offers. We dive into your vertical, analyze your target markets, incorporate your ROI goals, and build a plan to present and promote your business. And of course, our dedicated mobile team will maintain and optimize your campaigns, while your leads grow.