Word of Mouth Has Never Been So Impactful.

Create a Loyal, Viral Following
Social media has practically become a requirement as Internet users spend three times more minutes on blogs and social networks than on email. Just ask your kids. To make the most of this phenomenon, Marquette Group indentifies where your likely customers are, figures out how to best connect with them and ties social into your overall objectives and marketing mix. That means matching the strengths of sites like Facebook, Google+, Foursquare, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn to your business model. We can get you started with functional pages on these sites, or we can develop a total social media optimization strategy to drive your marketing messages to connected consumers.

Marquette Group’s Approach to Social Media
Because we develop social media strategies around business goals and marketing budgets, our social campaigns are custom-built in tandem with each advertiser. Programs run the gamut from fast and flexible basic account development to large, multi-channel customer acquisition plans.

We establish entry level programs that let customers who want to find you and engage with your business do so easily. Page setup and maintenance, branding, monitoring and performance reporting are all part of most standard programs and are ideal for small and medium businesses.

Our more robust social media programs are designed to increase followers, promote brands, win new business and engage repeat customers. Whether part of a strategic corporate buy or an affordable dealer level digital package, full social programs can include video, coupons, promotions and contests, plus tie-ins with other media channel efforts.

Marquette Group’s reputation management programs are another popular social program. Reputation management includes a dashboard report with continuous updates on comments and posts made about your brand or location across social media. So, whether customers love your service or just had a less than wonderful experience, you’ll know by seeing reviews and mentions. Plus, you’ll have the ability to reply to reviews and comments across social sites like Google, Yelp, Citysearch, Facebook, Twitter and many more.

Our Commitment to Your Social Presence
Marquette Group provides actionable intelligence; we work with you to determine your strategy, measure performance and report on the social data that drive your business goals. We do more than add to your fans and likes. With timely and topical content, we leverage the unique relationships you can build in social environments to impact your business, including lead development and sales.