April 07, 2016

[White Paper] Hyper-Targeted Display Campaigns: Reaching the Most Qualified Consumers

By: Sean Flavin | Marketing Communications Specialist

Digital advertisers are investing big on display ads this year. In 2016, advertisers will shell out almost $33 billion for display ads as spending in the category eclipses paid search advertising for the first time. And, the dollars are still on the rise with an expected $42 billion in spending by 2018.

Download our free white paper to learn the importance of building more relevant display campaigns and how to use hyper-targeting to reach qualified consumers.


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Sean-FlavinSean Flavin is a Marketing Communication Specialist at Marquette Group with a background in both journalism and search engine optimization. He is the managing editor of Marquette Group’s blog and a regular contributor. Follow him on Twitter for updates in the digital marketing industry.

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