Google Partnership

Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partner

Marquette Group is a proud member of the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner program (PSP). The program connects Google’s trusted and experienced AdWords partners with small- and medium-sized businesses (SMB) that want expert help creating, managing and optimizing their online advertising campaigns.

Google PSP Qualifications­

Participation in this exclusive program solidifies Marquette Group’s reputation as a leader in developing digital advertising solutions that generate local leads and increase brand engagement.

PSP members must meet the following criteria:Google PSP Badge

  • Large customer base of small/medium sized businesses
  • Commitment to provide phone and/or email customer support to their advertiser base
  • Existing operational infrastructure to serve thousands of customers

Premier AdWords Campaign Management

As a Google PSP, Marquette Group combines our AdWords expertise with more than 50 years of local advertising experience.

Our AdWords clients receive:

  • Full-service campaign management
  • Online reporting dashboard
  • Dedicated account management and individual support
  • Marketing guidance and strategy

Benefits of Google AdWords

  • It’s pay-for-performance so you only pay when someone interacts with your ad
  • You can target the people who are already searching for your products and/or services
  • Detailed reporting provides measurable ROI metrics

The Power of Google AdWords for Local Search

  • Google searches account for more than two-thirds of all online searches in the US¹
  • More than 90 percent of searchers use Google to find local business information²
  • There are about 3.5 billion searches on Google every day… That’s more than 2 trillion searches per year worldwide³

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*Google and Google AdWords are trademarks of Google Inc.


¹Monthly Share of Online Searches in the US by Search Engine, comScore Inc. October 2014

² Frequency with Which US Internet Users Search for Local Businesses, AYTM Market Research May 2013